About Us

Carolyn stands in front of a mountain lake with a quilt in her arms.

Two friends with a passion to create and explore

Adventure Fibreworks is made up of best friends Carolyn and Sydney. We met while working at a small outdoor store in Edmonton, AB (which we call home), after being hired a week apart. We instantly connected on all things outdoors, and eventually the crafting came along naturally.

Carolyn, @kodiak.quilting, is a quilter who's instagram is full of inspiring #quiltinthewild images, merging her love of outdoors with that of quilting and all things creative. Her colour choices are bold, and her use of scraps is inspiring, and runs a zero-waste studio. Her knowledge is vast, even though she only began quilting a few years ago, and the amount of quilts she can pump out is truly extrordinary!

Sydney, @mountain_heather_creative, is a true dabbler, which she comes by honestly through the ever-dabbling women in her life. She has always been intersted in craft but did not truly find her groove until the pandemic. She quilts (Carolyn made her do it), knits, weaves, and sews, and is always trying something new. Her love of natural fabrics, sustainable sourcing and love of nature weaves through her creations.  

Sydney stands in front of a creek with a forest in the background modeling a hand-knit sweater.